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You May Now Adopt Dogs Who Failed Government Training As ‘Too Friendly’

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We all simply adore dogs because they are very loyal creatures. But when we consider fieldwork and serious training, some dogs don’t make the cut and fail their service training programs. The US government facilitates many programs like this. There are over 900 TSA canine teams all around the USA.

They recently started an initiative where dogs who failed the service training program were put up for adoption by the general public. This gives them the opportunity to live in a loving and caring new home. And since all the dogs are healthy, it’s a win-win situation. According to the TSA, Canine Adoption Program put up puppies and large breeds that are 2-4 years old.

These dogs are those who don’t meet the required criteria for government work. Even retired dogs are listed for adoption, giving them the chance to spend the rest of their days surrounded by loving humans. It is organizations like Mission K9, Freedom Service Dogs of America, and Service Dogs Inc. that have come up with this adoption program idea. 

Mission K9 focuses on finding homes for older service dogs, whereas Freedom Service Dogs puts up dogs that don’t make the cut. People have to go through a long process to adopt one of these adorable puppies or dogs. According to those conducting the adoption program, these dogs are not housebroken; they just require proper training and care.

Those who are interested in adopting these puppies and dogs can complete the process at the Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland in Texas. When the applicants are approved, they have to travel to San Antonio twice to meet the dogs and then to take the dog or puppy home. At the moment, due to excess demand, the authorities are not accepting any more applications.

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This shows how much humans love dogs. Wouldn’t you love to adopt one too? It is an excellent initiative because dogs who don’t make the cut due to being too friendly get the opportunity to find their forever homes and be the best house pets ever. 

The pros and cons of some popular breeds:

Labrador Retrievers are fantastic dogs for families. They are loyal, good with kids, friendly yet large enough to make a burglar think twice. They do need a yard, or you would have to take them out frequently for walks. They do shed hair seasonally and are prone to hip dysplasia and arthritis. Their life span is around 12 – 13 years.

German Shepherds are loyal and intelligent. They are guard dogs for families and children. Their huge size and exuberant nature may mean you would want to keep an eye if you have small children as they can clear a coffee table in a blink of an eye by their tail when they are happy. They frequently suffer knee ligament injuries, and as they age, they are predisposed to heart disease.

Great Danes, surprisingly, are good apartment pets. Very laid back and are good with children, yet should be supervised due to their overwhelming size. They are predisposed to heart disease, gastric dilation, and volvulus.

Golden Retrievers make good service dogs friendly and intelligent. They do well with children, yet their long hair needs brushing to avoid matting. They are prone to hip and knee injuries as well as heart disease.

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Border Collies are highly energetic, intelligent, and athletic. Due to their herding instinct, it might not be the best choice for families with small children or apartment dwellers. They need frequent brushing and are prone to skin disease. 

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