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Yearly This Penguin Swims 5,000+ Miles To Reunite With The Man Who Saved Him

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How remarkable is this story, it should be made into a movie.

In 2011 João Pereira de Souza a native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was roaming the coasts when he found this tiny penguin covered in oil.

According to The Independent, the penguin was laying on the rocks close to death. João then took the penguin home and washed it off.

About a week later, after feeding the penguin, a diet of fish João tried to release it back to the sea. The penguin wouldn’t leave.

At this point, João had named the South American Magellanic penguin Dindim.

Roughly eleven months had passed, and Dindim’s molting period was over when he disappeared.

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To João surprise, Dindim returned a few months later on the beach. Dindim hobbled up to his human caretaker and followed him home. After that Dindim spent eight months of the year with João and the rest of his time, Dindim is believed to be breeding along the coast of Chile and Argentine.

It’s amazing how much like a child Dindim was to João. Every year when he came back, he appeared to be more affectionate. Nobody was allowed to touch him, yet he lays on João lap and even let him pick him up and shower him.

A Biologist Professor Krajewski said he had never seen anything like this. Dindim probably thinks João is a penguin as when he sees him he wags his tail and honks with delight.

A truly heartwarming story! A bond that is formed by love is, undoubtedly, the strongest.

I loved this heartwarming story and wanted to share it with you. At the time of publishing this article, I could find no current news about João and Dindim.

Photo credits: Rio de Janeiro Federal University

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