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World-Renowned Textile Artist’s Carpet Appears To Melt Into A Viscous Pool

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Faig Ahmed from Baku, Azerbaijan, is an internationally recognized artist who represented Azerbaijan at the Venice Biennale in 2007.

Faig Ahmed is an Azerbaijani contemporary visual artist best known for his surrealist weavings, integrating visual distortions into traditional oriental rugs.

His works reimagine antique crafts and create new visual boundaries by deconstructing traditions and stereotypes and engaging viewers through his unexpected skills, with hyper-modern, digitally distorted images, and three-dimensional shapes, melting paint that alters the rugs’ pattern.

Ahmed employs computers to sketch and chooses complex carpet weaving techniques to transfer his designs onto the carpets, exhibited worldwide, either in groups or solo exhibitions in London, New York, Paris, Berlin, Dubai, Rome, Moscow, and the UAE. 

Ahmed nominated for the Jameel Prize 3 at Victoria and Albert Museum in London in 2013.

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Ahmed is famous for his mesmerizing textile pieces. After months of interruption caused by the current situation worldwide, he recently completed his most remarkable carpet design, Entitled ‘Doubts.’

Due to the quarantine, they had to close the textile studio several times. After months ‘Doubts‘ was cut off the loom.

This unusual, striking red tapestry features intricate patterns that dissolve into a viscous fluid shape, framed by white tassels.

Ahmed’s carpets, which he deconstructs and reimagines in new and exciting ways, are worth seeing.

“Doubts,” 2020, courtesy of Faig Ahmed
“Doubts,” 2020, courtesy of Faig Ahmed
“Doubts,” 2020, courtesy of Faig Ahmed

Images from their textile studio, so you can dip into the production process and meet the team behind the “Doubts.”

Images courtesy of Faig Ahmed
Images courtesy of Faig Ahmed

“Doubts make you move forward and pursue answers. Doubts are an unequivocal force for progress in your head; without them, we would never have thought about the essence, results, and new reality.”

Images courtesy of Faig Ahmed

Below are some of Ahmed’s growing collection of surreal carpets feature various visual distortions.

Gobustan. 2017
Photo by Dag-Arve Forbergskog/Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum
From left: DNA, 2016 and Epiphany, 2016. Image courtesy of Honolulu Museum of Art. Photo by Shuzo Uemoto, 2019. Honolulu Museum of Art
Khana, 2018. Image Courtesy of Faig Ahmed Studio
Images courtesy of Faig Ahmed
Images courtesy of Faig Ahmed
Images courtesy of Faig Ahmed
From left: Khana, 2018; Talish, 2018; Door of Doors, 2016; Faig Ahmed, 1982. Image courtesy of the Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art, Honolulu, Hawai’i. Photo by David Franzen, 2019. Shangri La, Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art

Images courtesy of Faig Ahmed, you can find more info click here.

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