Work Can Be Absolutely Beautiful, If Done With Love

Work Can Be Absolutely Beautiful, If Done With Love

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Work can be absolutely beautiful, if done with love, as a creative act of offering gifts to the world. However, when work is done out of compulsion — because you have to do it — whether for money or other reasons, it becomes ugly.

In the world that we live in today, almost all people have a job, working as wage slaves for big corporations, just so they can earn the money needed to get food and a roof to live under. They don’t work because they love their work — on the contrary, they hate their work, and do it solely because they feel forced to. If given the chance to live without having to do their work, they would immediately stop doing it.

Since people do work that they hate doing for half of their waking time for almost every day of their adult life, it’s no wonder that they find no meaning and purpose in life. They feel that life has nothing of beauty to offer — it is a mere drudgery, a slow torture that they have to endure till the point of death.

When work is not done with love, but purely for economic reasons, not only can it not have any true positive impact on the life of workers, but also on the society they live in, and the world in general. When economic gain comes into play, work becomes filled with various forms of deception and exploitation, causing tremendous harm to our lives.

Each and every day most people are continuously exploiting those who work for them and deceiving those who they appear to serve through their work, not caring about sincerely offering their help to positively benefit their fellow human beings in any way. They care about their pockets, and nothing else. But they are not to blame, since our economic system reinforces this kind of behavior. In this system, almost everyone of us has to behave this way, more or less, in order to live a somewhat decent life, since money is the means through which we have collectively decided that we can provide ourselves with food, shelter, and everything else that we need to cover our needs and satisfy our basic wants.

The other thing important mentioning is that when you hate your work, you cannot be good at it, no matter how much you try, except if it is completely routine work that even a machine can do. You cannot be creative when you are forced to do something that you don’t really care about. Forced creative work could be likened to forced love. The act of love, when it arises by itself, spontaneously, it is pure bliss, but when it is forced, it is nothing but rape. You cannot force a person to be loving, nor can you force a person to be creative.

In order for creativity to grow and flower, people need to be given the space to express themselves through their work, without being pressured by outside forces. Then work could be transformed into a tremendously fulfilling experience, and result into gifts of love that only add to the beauty the world.


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