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Women Kicked By Wild Assateague Horse After She Hits The Horse With A Shovel

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It is a fact that karma is a b#tch, and this story proves that. People need to be careful when approaching wild animals because no one can predict the outcome. Wild animals are not the same as tame ones, and people need to realize that. It is a terrible idea to touch a wild animal, even worse when you violently touch them.

Wild horses are breathtaking. Like any wildlife species, wild horses have an impact on the environment, but due to their natural behavior, their impact is minimal. Wild horses play a beneficial ecological role, for example, by dispersing seeds through elimination, thereby helping to reseed the landscape.

They are not trained to be with humans, so we can’t predict their behavior around humans. The island of Assateague is a gorgeous island filled with majestic wild horses. This island is located on the coast of Virginia and Maryland and is around forty miles long. Many tourists visit here because of the wild horses. 

There are various rules that tourists need to obey to keep things safe and pleasant. But one stubborn woman decided to go against these rules. She struck a wild horse hardly using a plastic shovel. 

Here is where karma comes into the story. The wild horse kicked the woman using his hind legs because he thought he was under attack.

The woman was knocked to the ground with this kick. A bystander managed to capture this incident on video, and it went viral instantly. The horse is searching for food in someone’s beach setup when this woman approaches it. She must have thought it interesting to smack a horse, but she regretted her decision instantly.

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She was shocked by the horse’s reaction and fortunately didn’t suffer from any severe injuries. 

After seeing their fellow companion upset, two other horses approached the scene to protect their horse friend. The rules state that you should keep at least 40 feet away from wild horses, but this woman went against those rules and suffered the consequences.

Park officials have advised visitors to stay away from the horses. Feeding or petting them can be detrimental. Anyways it is a good lesson for all of us. We should respect animals and let them be. It is wrong to strike an animal for your own pleasure. We hope that this lady learned her lesson.

Images are screenshots from the YouTube video.

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