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Woman Is Reunited With Her Deaf Pup

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Glock is a sweet deaf pup that was at Santa Rosa County Animal Services shelter for almost two weeks. He was not a dog that needed rescuing; he was a dog who needed to go back to the loving home he already had.

A woman crying walks into the shelter holding some vet records and says through sobs, “Can I please have my dog? I don’t have any money to get him out.”

When asked who her dog was, she continued to cry and beg, saying she can’t afford to get him out! She was told in between the sobs, ‘it is okay she could get her dog back.’

There is such a strong bond between this lady and her dog, Glock. That after completion of the paperwork, when Glock brought to her. He was so excited. He jumped around while she was hugged and cried with tears of joy.

Santa Rosa County Animal Services also learned that she had some kittens at home who needed to be neutered and spayed, so they provided her with some dog food and a neuter voucher.

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An update from Jessica Jade:

She visited Glock and his mom Rory and took some dog goodies, such as toys, treats, and dog food. Glock very happy to be home and doing great! After visiting her and understanding her situation, Jessica made a go-fund-me to help bring her some relief.

There are many reasons why pets leave their home. Some pets leave their home by mistake and wander off or get scared off by fireworks. Not all animals need to be rescued; they just need to go back home.

Inflexible recovery fees and policies prevent animals from returning to their homes, which then add to overpopulation at the shelters. Shelters should be flexible to ensure positive outcomes to ensure that animals can go back to their families where they are loved.

Can you imagine being lost and put into a shelter? It must be devastating.

Who says animals don’t have emotions!?

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Have you ever seen a pet that gets emotional watching TV? As Pitbulls don’t have a great reputation, this video of a Pitbull puppy who got very emotional while watching a sad scene of the Lion King on TV really touches the heartstrings. She was a rescue puppy.

Always consider getting a pet from a shelter before buying a pet from a breeder or a pet shop. Social media has so many fantastic stories of beautiful pets that have come from shelters.

If you can’t have a pet for some reason, why not consider volunteer at a shelter near you.

Volunteering is always associated with something positive, as you’re contributing to a great cause. You will learn about animal care and psychology. You may want to become a vet, and this will help you on your way.

All images are used with permission from Jessica Jade. For more info Jessica Jade/Santa Rosa County Animal Services

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