Wiley, The Dalmatian Puppy With A Heart-Shaped Nose!

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Most of us love puppies., especially house trained ones :). They follow in our footsteps and give us cuddles when we are feeling sad. As the saying goes, “dogs are a man’s best friend.” They protect us before they protect themselves. They are faithful companions.

Wiley is a unique puppy with a heart-shaped black spot on his beautiful face, who attracts attention wherever he goes.

Lexi Smith his owner thought that in time the heart-shaped mark spot would fade. To everyone’s delight, it didn’t. The Heart is the first thing you notice about Wiley.

Besides Wiley’s unique heart spot, he is a very happy, friendly and loyal puppy, most people fall instantly in love with him.

Wiley has become a star with 113k followers on Instagram. People just love him! Basically Wiley is a local celebrity.

You can follow Wiley and all of his adventures on his Instagram account.

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