Why Did Mainstream Christianity Try To Eradicate All Traces Of The Gnostic Teachings, Including The People?

Why Did Mainstream Christianity Try To Eradicate All Traces Of The Gnostic Teachings, Including The People?

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The Gnostics were actually among the first early Christians and followers of Jesus, but they believed the old testament god was an intruder who deceived and mentally enslaved mankind into worshiping him, and the way to attain salvation was not through obedience to the Roman Catholic Church or the authorities, but through the acquirement of knowledge and self education.

Gnosticism, which can be likened more to a philosophy, than an actual religion, is the collection of certain ancient religions and esoteric beliefs whose adherents shunned the material world, which they believed was created as a type of prison for our souls by the demiurge, or the god of the old testament and embraced the spiritual world instead.

In Gnosticism, the world of the demiurge, or old testament god, is associated with matter, flesh, materialism, the system, and the visible world that we see. They believed this god, was an intruder that had fooled mankind into believing that he was their one true god. They interpret the story in the garden of Eden as the snake actually being a force of good, there to help give man knowledge of good and evil and thus free them from ignorance. Interesting enough, the serpent is a prominent figure of empowerment in various religions as well the ceremony of Ayahuasca. It is important to make it clear that the serpent and reptilian presence are different. The world of the true God that they believe in is represented by soul, spirituality and the invisible world.

Their name is derived from gnosis, which is generally interpreted as knowledge, enlightenment or salvation, and can only be reached through the act of good deeds, abstaining from indulging in materialism and self education. They believed this was the only way to truly know god. They did not believe in the structure of hierarchy and authority but instead they believed knowledge and truth was the only true authority, not the other way around.

What makes Gnosticism particularly intriguing though, is mainstream Christianity, as led by the notoriously corrupt Roman Catholic church, made obvious and overt attempts to not only eradicate their teachings but even them as a people.

This charge began when the major revisions and edits of the modern day Bible took place by the authorities of Rome at the Council of Nicaea. It was here that they decided to outlaw the Gnostic religion, along with others, and condemn them as enemies of the state. They were then persecuted and eradicated. Around the 12th century, it’s said that their movement reemerged, but once again the Roman Catholic Church attacked them through an act of what can be justifiably called genocide.

It’s said that practically all of their teachings were destroyed by the Roman Catholic Church but recently, at least in the context of history,  in 1945 a major discovery was unearthed in Egypt in Nag Hammadi. Some researchers, such as John Lamb Lash, have interpreted some of these texts as documenting an interplanetary invasion by beings called archons, which are actually what we today know as grey aliens and reptilians. If this is true, it changes everything we think we know about history. You can read more about the “archons” in a previous post HERE.

I personally have not studied the Gnostic texts, but when you look at the Roman Catholic Church’s history of trying to eradicate their teachings it certainly inspires interest. Check out this video, which is part 1 of a 4 part series, below to learn more about Gnosticism;

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