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White Owls Use The Moonlight to Hunt Their Prey

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The animal world never ever ceases to amaze us, especially when we consider birds. White barn owls are experts in moonlight hunting, as it outlines this bird’s appearance, giving it the ability to frighten its prey. It is a sight to behold. 

Recent studies suggest that their unearthly plumage evolved so that they could instill terror in their prey. 

These white barn owls live on mice and rodents. A research was conducted to monitor the same group of Swiss barn owls for more than twenty years. They then observed the breeding patterns and hunting rituals of these birds. According to their findings, owls with dark plumage have a difficult time finding prey for dinner, especially on a moonlit night.

Although the owl’s unique feather design is helpful when flying silently, the moonlight gives them away. Only the white barn owls benefit when hunting, with as well as without the moon.

You might think that being white gives them away, but in this case, the white owl being bathed in moonlight has a chilling effect on its prey. 

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Rodents freeze in fear when spotted by a white barn owl. 

The rodents stay motionless, hoping that the owl won’t spot them. According to the studies conducted, the researchers found that the rodents stay frozen for a more extended period of time when confronted by a white owl on full moon nights. Apparently, the reason for this is the bright light that is reflected from the white plumage. Barn owls are considered the most common kind of owls. 

They have cute heart-shaped faces, which is the only part of the barn owl’s body that doesn’t terrorize its prey. There are 22 kinds of barn owls, including the ghost owl, hissing owl, and death owl. Yes, they all sound scary. These birds even make a long, drawn-out raspy scream that is sure to give anyone chills. Make sure that you don’t come across one on a full moon, or you will end up scared to the bone. 😉

The spiritual significance of seeing a White Owl:

A white owl represents transformation, change, and inner wisdom. They are frequently associated with magic and witchcraft because of supernatural transformation, which includes birth and death cycles that lead to spiritual evolution.

Snowy owls can be aggressive when protecting their region or against another species; they will dive-bomb humans, particularly in nesting grounds, and have been known to attack Arctic wolves. They are mostly territorial around breeding season.

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Owls are amazing creatures. 

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Have you ever seen the unconditional love between a dog and an owl!?!? Well, you have to see these wonderful heartwarming photos of Poldi, the cute owl, and Ingo, the Malinois shepherd dog. It would appear like something you would read in a storybook.

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