Watch: A ‘Super Pod’ Of Roughly 1,000 Dolphins In Monterey Bay

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Outside the back deck of Monterey Bay Aquarium was an entertaining show, there must have been over a 1,000 fins pierced the calm, gray waters where the dolphins were swimming through the bay. One amazing heartwarming sight to see.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is committed to animal care and is known to have some of the coolest underwater creatures. According to the aquarium, the dolphins were racing up and down off of Cannery Row for about a week.

Although it’s undoubtedly was an unusual sight, these spectacular feeding frenzies aren’t all that rare.

The Aquarium in Monterey Bay is a nonprofit public aquarium in Monterey, California. In October 1984, known for having some of the coolest underwater creatures on this planet. When they first exhibited a living kelp forest.

It would seem that they have more entertaining shows that happen outside of the aquarium. According to the aquarium staff, superpod sightings only occur about once yearly. However, it is relatively rare to see them so close to the shore they are typically much further offshore.

The aquarium shared the video below, showing roughly over 1,000 dolphins in which a group of onlookers felt the group of dolphins was ‘superpod’ or a group of multiple pods of dolphins.

It appears the dolphins were working together to corral schools of fish into a small area, which makes it easier to snack on them.

Check out this awesome video:

Dolphins believed to be very intelligent, are carnivores (meat-eaters). There are nearly 40 species of dolphins that swim the waters of the world.

Generally, dolphins are considered friendly, curious, and outgoing; they have been known to attack humans and other marine mammals when they feel threatened.

Orca’s, which is a killer whale, is actually a type of dolphin. Bottlenose dolphins are well known and the most common type of dolphins.

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