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Volunteers All Around the World Take the Elderly On Rickshaw Rides in Nature

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Age is just a number (a very popular saying), yet getting old is not easy. Besides the aches and pain and restricted movement that some older people experience, what about the elderly that don’t have any family and are unable to walk and cycling is not an option.

Ole Kassow is the mastermind behind the group Cycling Without Age in Demark and has expanded to 38 other countries on the last count. The process in various countries are based on the same principles, with a few slight differences.

The idea was started by Kassow in 2012 when he started the group by putting seniors on bicycles to improve their lifestyle. Unfortunately, he came across mobility problems and had to come up with another idea.

Video Source: FB/BrightVibes

Kassow found a solution by placing them on Trishaws and cycle for them. Volunteer cyclists had to go through extensive training as Trishaws are not as easy as it looks to ride. It is more complicated than riding a regular bike.

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The volunteers can make appointments by visiting nursing homes to offer them the service or any other elderly passengers. This way, the elderly can still enjoy being mobile outside, taking in the views, and breathing fresh air and enjoying nature regularly.

This project is beneficial to both parties, and everyone gets to enjoy nature, and with a bit of luck, they will expand even more.

Marian and Misses Venema frequently meet for a relaxing ride in nature.

Image source: BrightVibes

Once their training is complete pilots will accompany volunteers as they cycle with their first elderly passengers.

Image source: BrightVibes

Cycling Without Age lets the elderly enjoy bike rides and provides them with companionship, fresh air and new memories.

Image source: BrightVibes

They stop at misses Venema’s old house, to relive memories.

Image source: BrightVibes

It’s a full trip, which obviously includes having a nice cup of coffee outdoors!

Image source: BrightVibes

If there is no Cycling Without Age group near you and you have some free time on your hands, maybe you could volunteer to visit someone in a nursing home, especially if they don’t have any family.

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