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Victory, Amazon Tribe Wins Lawsuit Against Oil Company, Saving Vast Amounts Of Rainforest

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How often do you hear about the Indians beating the Cowboys, well that’s exactly what happened when an Amazon tribe took on an American oil company, Big Oil. By doing so in court, they managed to save their rain forest.

The plan was to drill for oil throughout the south-central Ecuadorian Amazon. The Ecuadorian government was put in their place and the Waorani people of Pastaza won a historic rule and saved seven million acres of their rainforest.

By stopping the auctioning of 16 oil block, the Waorani people managed to put all plans on hold. These oil blocks covered the majority of the rain forest. Amazon Frontlines proudly boasted that this was the start of David protecting the land from Goliath being the Ecuadorian Government.

It is about time that we stand up against the harmful practices of hungry money companies who couldn’t care less about climate change. It only took a three-judge panel at the Pastaza Provincial Court to say No!

Oswando Nenquimo, the spokesperson for the Waorani people, said that they will protect their forest from the oil drilling process and therefore saved their water at the same time. Although they know that the battle is far from over, for now, the children are safe.

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The fear is that the government will appeal as the want for oil is ongoing.

The New Yorker journalist interviewed the tribal leader Nemonte Nenquimo. His opinion is that although the court understood that the government was ignoring the tribes right to live freely and make their own choices regarding their land. The Waorani people believe they have a right to and need to protect their land.

These small people took on a giant to protect Mother Earth. It is about time that we all follow suit.

In the last 40 years, the amazon is at 20% of deforestation before that time. In Brazil alone, according to deforestation data, it is written that roughly 770,000 square km, larger than the state of Texas. In another perspective, the last four decades, the Amazon has lost more of its rainforest than in the previous 450 years combined. –

There is a decrease in deforestation, although levels are still at alarming rates.

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