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Veterinarian Drives Around California And Treats Homeless Peoples Animals For Free

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Life can be very challenging for every one of us, which has left many people homeless. Meet Dr. Kwane Stewart, a veterinarian making a difference for over 20 years.

Fortunately, there are still good kind hearted people who are striving to bring light in the darkest of times to the ones that are suffering. Living on the streets is not easy. Homeless people are often fearful of their lives as some people, for no apparent reason, will attack them or ridicule them. They are times when there is nothing for them to eat. The only comfort they have is their pets.

Dr. Kwane is passionate about helping homeless pets and people. When he is driving and sees a pet owner that needs help with their pet, he would stop and offer assistance. 

His kind effects could involve a simple checkup on the pet or possibly giving them some food, a lot of the time, medication is required. 

Every bit helps and makes a difference in a homeless person’s life that is caring for an animal that they call their pet. Most homeless people would instead give their last bit of food to their pet than eat it themself even if they are hungry.

While working on the streets, Dr. Kwane has experienced some genuine stories of compassion, love, struggles, and hope. It has been truly inspiring and life-changing. 

Dr. Kwane has shared his journey on a TV series called ‘The Street Vet.’ He hopes that the series will help raise awareness and encourage people to help others.

It has been very challenging as some pets need life-saving treatment, which is costly. He does not have the heart to say no to any pet that is suffering.

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You think your doctor’s consultation is expensive, well, so are the costs to treat animals.

To raise donations to help cover surgery costs, he runs a GoFundMe Page, as the costs of minor treatments as simple as an ear infection or a vaccine could cost approximately $100, and severe cases as dental extraction or tumor removals roughly $1500.

On his GoFundMe page, he expresses his gratitude by saying: “I am blown away by your generosity!” He has now set a higher goal to bring more vets on the streets to help him and his so-called patients.

Below is a video that chronicles his journey. Please feel free to share it with your family and friends so that we can all make a difference.

You can follow him on [email protected] on Instagram

More info and image credits: Facebook | GoFundMe

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