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US Firefighters Arrive To Help Battle The Devastating Victorian Bushfires

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Australia’s wildfires have escalated to an entirely new level.

With more than 200 bushfires burning nationwide. Australia could use all the help they can get. The good news is – Australia’s calls and prayers are being answered, as help is already on the way.

Hundreds, if not thousands of individuals, groups, organizations, and businesses, operating out of their own free-will are making big steps towards raising awareness, starting programs, raising funds for organizations in aid, and others are flying overseas to get hands-on involved helping battle the devastating fires.

According to, US firefighters arrived to aid in the blaze. A contingent of 39 firefighters landed in Melbourne from North America to help fight the East Gippsland blazes.

An American Instagram Model – Kaylen Ward began raising money by selling nudes for $10 each. So far she has raised more than a whopping $700,000 for the cause.

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Let us take a look at some of the recent updates regarding the disaster:

TOURISM – Holidaymakers in the tens of thousands fled seaside towns as bush-fires approached. Military ships and helicopters rescued thousands.
Michelle Roberts was quoted by Reuters, from the Cafe she owns in Mallacoota, saying, “It is hell on earth.” It appears that about 4,000 residents and visitors were stranded on the beach for days.

WEATHER – While on social media, there have been some people posting that they woke up to rain the weekend. According to, they mentioned that weather forecasters say there is nothing on the horizon. Australia’s summer ends in March, and until then, there will be little signs of rain. Australia usually has extremely high temperatures and drought until then.
Wind remains the most significant threat, with the strong gusts of up to 80mph, which could push fires further afield. Weather in parts of Australia has recently reached temperatures as some of the hottest in the world. 

RESIDENTS – The NSW(New South Whales) state government declared a state of emergency, granting authorities the power to evacuate people and take control of services forcibly.
Fires and thick smoke have engulfed towns, leaving more than 50,000 people without power, as well as some towns with no access to drinking water.

WILDLIFE – Ecologists at the University of Sydney estimated half a billion mammals, birds, and reptiles had been killed in the fires. There are concerns that some species of plants and animals have been completely wiped out by the wildfires. 

Reuters reported that officials are apprehensive that about 30 percent of only one colony of koalas on the country’s northeast coast have been lost in the fires. Australia is habitat to a range of indigenous fauna, including koalas, wallabies, kangaroos, possums, echidnas, and wombats.

Australian firefighters, tirelessly slaving to keep the wildfires under control. Australia’s best hope is rainfall.

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ABC News Australia report:

Australia needs our prayers. Please join the people that are already praying for rain.

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