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Unique Goat Born With Two-Heads In Wittenberg

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An unusual two-faced goat in Wittenberg is becoming an internet sensation on social media.

In Wittenberg, Jocelyn Nueske and her family run a goat farm. Six years of working on the farm and thousands of goat births, she has never seen anything like this.

Nueske has heard of two-headed lizards and cows, but not goats. This kid has four eyes and two mouths. His head functions separately with two mouths and two sets of eyes, even two brains. Yet he may have vision trouble with his middle eyes.

The kid goat, Born on April 5th, with two heads, was named after an ancient Roman god of beginnings and transitions, Janus. Janus’s right mouth has a cleft palate. Future surgery is an option to correct the cleft palate.

Veterinarian at Wisconsin Valley Veterinary Services in Wausau, Chazalin Chadwick, stated that despite the head abnormality, the rest of Janus’s body seems to function normally, and appears to be very healthy. They didn’t find any other limb abnormalities besides his two heads.

Janus’s x-rays revealed he has two fully developed craniums/frontal bones of his skull that are fused at the lateral sides occipital/parietal and temporal bones of both of the skulls. It is thought that he has two brains in the front that are connected together in the back of his skull, which appears to have their own spinal cord/canal that fuses with the spine.

Janus is a healthy normal goat, yet they have to help him a bit when he gets tired. Their main goal is to get him to walk in a month.

With all the buzz, the farm created a T-shirt featuring a photo of Janus and the words “Dare to be different.”

Having two heads is known as bicephaly or dicephaly and has been around for at least 150 million years. Over many years there have been reports of two-headed creatures such as bulls, sharks, snakes, turtles, prawns as well as kittens, yet they are still rare enough to surprise us.

Usually, with two-headed animals, you will get one head that is a little bit more dominant.

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For more info: “Nueske Farms LLC.”

Thanks to “Nueske Farms LLC.” for permission to use images.


Unfortunately Janus “crossed the Rainbow Bridge.”

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