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Unexpected Roommates: 4 Things To Do If Your Home Is Haunted

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By Kara Masterson,
Guest writer, The Open Mind


While sitting in your living room at night, you hear something unexplained bump around in the kitchen. There are lights that randomly come on and go back off. Hearing whispers or footsteps when you’re home alone. If you’ve ever thought that someone is looking at you but no one’s there or you’ve had experiences with events that are unexplained in your home, then you could have a few unexpected visitors. Maybe you saw an unexpected figure dash around. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do if you think that your home is haunted.


It can sometimes be frightening to face the unknown. If you are unsure about communicating with a ghost or spirit, then you can have a psychic or a medium come to your home. This person will have the knowledge to determine if there is a spirit present and know of the best way to communicate with the spirit through a psychic reading. During the session, ask a few questions or ask the spirit to leave if you no longer want it in your home. You may be able to get a sense if they are malicious or just afraid of you as you are of them.


A pastor or priest can come to your home to perform a cleansing. This is often done using holy water that is put on the walls and other areas of your home. A blessing or prayer over your home is usually said in order to cleanse your home. Keep in mind that this can sometimes agitate that spirits, which means that you might need another cleansing in the future.  You can also cleanse your home with a sage smudge stick. You can open every door and window in your house. Light the stick and when it catches fire, blow it out allowing it to smoke. Say a prayer or intention
when you enter every room. Be specific. You can say something like “I cleanse this room from any negativity, impurity, I command any spirits to leave this home”. Walk around your entire house making sure the smoke reaches every room and ceiling. Imagine that the smoke from the smudge stick is purifying and absorbing any negativity you felt.


At times, you might have to make the decision to move away from your home. This should be a decision that you carefully think about with your family because it could mean moving to another city or even another state. The spirits may be harmless and want to leave you alone. If you are concerned and considering moving, you might think that you’re giving in to the spirits that may be in the house. This is not true and should be seen as keeping your family safe.

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When you think that your home is haunted, begin looking around and researching to determine if there are any historical events or deaths linked to your home. As you find out more information about your home, then it can make the haunting a bit less unsettling. Picture it as a scavenger hunt with finding a ghost as the prize.

Discovering that there is something else living in your home might not be your cup of tea. You may believe in the afterlife or be completely skeptic of spirits and cleansings. There is something to be said for rituals and feeling a sense of control and power over the situation. However, you choose to look at the situation you can receive a sense of ease by doing something that feels right to you. Keep the roommate, learn about the history of your lot, and discover the reasons behind the death.

About Kara Masterson,
Kara is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max.


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