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Unearthed Ancient Roman Mosaic Floor Under Vineyard In Italy

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A rare gem uncovered in northern Italy by Archaeologists. A well preserved mosaic floor that dates back to ancient Rome.

The remains of the ancient villa were discovered just north of Verona in Negrar di Valpolicella, by scholars around 100 years ago in a hilly area above the town. After countless failed attempts, archaeologists’ hard work has finally paid off. 

After just one week after returning to the site, they finally spotted the foundations and flooring of the villa several feet beneath a vineyard — the pristine mosaic flooring dated back to the 1st century CE. View the official statement.

It just goes to show if you dig a bit further in Italy with all its rich history, you bound to find something unexpected. It’s an incredible find in an area recognized to house treasures from ancient Rome. Archaeologists were utterly astonished by the vivid colors and the floors’ intricate patterns of the tiles.

The sections that revealed look pristine, and now the archeologists have the strenuous task of excavating the entire floor. 

Archaeologists from the Superintendency of Archaeology, Fine Arts, and Landscape of Verona returned to the site last summer searching for the villa’s foundation. Their work continued as recently as February but stopped due to the pandemic. 

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It’s an unbelievable find in an area that’s recognized to house treasures from ancient Rome. According to local sources, the land is known to sit on top of Roman artifacts since at 19th century. A few of the mosaics on display in a city museum were excavated from the site in the 1960s.

City officials and archaeologists said that they are working with the landowners to make the site accessible to the public. However, this could be a long process due to the resources needed before public viewing is made possible.

Roman mosaics are known for being discovered in Italy.

Plenty of Verona’s ancient monuments preserved throughout history include the impressive Roman amphitheater. Also known as the Verona Arena, which is still used today for opera and concert performances.

Images released by town officials show the elaborate detail of the well-preserved mosaic tile floor.

Not so long ago, Italian archaeologists discovered what they say may be a lost millennia-old shrine. Excavations in the Roman Forum is a chamber underneath the ancient senate-house, where two objects were discovered.

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They could have been of great historical significance. One resembles a washtub, which is believed to be a coffin or a sarcophagus. The other is a cylindrical stone block, which is thought to be partial remains of an altar.

Ancient sites in Italy are beginning to reopen as the country comes out of its lengthy lockdown.

Image credits:, Comune Di Negrar Di Valpolicella & SAP società archeologica srl

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