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Two Adorable Endangered Clouded Leopard Kittens Born at Zoo Miami

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Two adorable highly endangered clouded leopards were born at Zoo Miami.

The two were born to mother Serai and father Rajasi on February 11, the second successful litter for both parents. One male and one female kitten.

“Serai” the mother was born in May 2011 at the Smithsonian’s Conservation and Research Center in Virginia. “Rajasi” the father was born in March 2011 at the Nashville Zoo in Tennessee.

Staff at the zoo separated the mother from her kittens initially. They needed to do a neonatal exam and also to evaluate the condition of the kittens and the sexes.

The staff had to take extraordinary measures to protect the kittens, due to a discovery that a tiger in another zoological facility contracted ‘coronavirus.’

Recently, a four-year-old Malayan tiger at the Bronx Zoo authenticated to have contracted the virus, with researchers saying it’s likely the “Nadia” the tiger got infected by one of her zookeepers. It would appear that tigers and lions at the zoo seemed to have displayed symptoms such as loss of appetite and dry coughing.

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Since the zoo announced on Facebook post about the birth of the kittens, the zoo confirmed all of their staff are taking precautions wearing masks and gloves as well as disinfecting foot-bath before entering any ‘feline area.’

The zoo has shared several heartwarming photos of the fuzzy speckled fur leopards with tiny tongues and large eyes. 

Both offsprings appear to be thriving. The mother proceeds to be attentive and nurses them on a regular,” according to the zoo’s post.

The clouded leopard is a medium-sized wild cat and is considered a highly endangered species and vulnerable due to overhunting. Typically found in forests in Taiwan, Malaysia, and Southern China. Clouded leopards are listed on the IUCN Red List as vulnerable.

Adults weigh between 30 and 50 pounds with long tails and relatively short legs with large paws. They have the most prolonged canine teeth relevant to their size. Their diet consists of a variety of birds as well as mammals, including deer, porcupines, and monkeys.

Male clouded leopards are generally larger than the females. They can purr like the small cats, yet they also have a low, moaning roar, a soft chuffle, a growl, a hiss, and meows as part of their calls.

The kittens are continuing to develop well.

Image Credits ©Ron Magill

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