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Turkish Garbage Collectors Opened a Library Full of Discarded Books

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Imagine we could take all the books people throw away and create a library out of it. In Ankara, Turkey, the garbage collectors do just this. These smart people opened a public library consisting of these rubbish dumps books.

Cankaya, a suburb of Ankara is where you can find these second-hand treasures. The News spread, and although initially, it was only open to the friends and family of these workers, the public heard of it and starting donating books to the cause.

CNN reported on the happening and very soon the Mayor of Cankaya, Alper Tasdelen, declared the library a worthy cause to be supported by the town and community.

The result of this movement is a library now 6000 books strong. It has French and English publications and even a section for the children of the town.

Credit: facebook/AnkaraCankayaBelediyesi

The loan period is for two weeks, just like any other library except that this one has the facilities to supply the local prison and schools and various educational programs.

The library is responsible for job creation in the little town, as it has its own complement of full-time staff. The building which used to be a brick factory is a perfect location and build as it consists of long corridors and is a stylish aged brick facade. It shares its space with the Sanitation department.

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Credit: facebook/AnkaraCankayaBelediyesi

Serhat Baytemur, one of the rubbish collectors, always wanted his own library at home but is happy to share his dream with his community. The community loves its library, and this can be seen by the children who dwell after school, the cyclists who take a break and have a game of chess while taking a breather or merely the souls who drift away in the peaceful world filled with fiction.

Below are a few ideas where you could make a difference in your community:

  • Donate unneeded items to charity.
  • Collect toys and stuffed animals and donate them to an organization that helps children.
  • Use both sides of paper to save the environment.
  • Offer your services to the lonely people in a nursing or retirement home.
  • Recycle paper, bottles, and plastic items where possible.
  • Plant a tree.

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