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Touching Story Of A Single Dad Who Adopts A Down Syndrome Baby Rejected By 20 Families

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Some caring people continue to inspire the world with their beautiful deeds.

Here we have a 41-year-old Italian man Luca Trapanese who has been linked in social service programs since he was a teenager. He did voluntary work with the disabled in a church in Naples.

From an early age, when Luca’s friend crossed over from cancer, Luca devoted his life to helping others. He even became a priest, but then loved knocked on his door and everything change.

Together they formed an organization for people with disabilities. They also had plans to adopt a disabled child. Unfortunately, things took a turn, and their relationship ended after 11 years.

Soon after he heard about a special baby girl, at thirteen days old had been passed on by twenty families because of her condition.

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Luca wanted to be a father for so long, that when he first held baby Alba, Luca knew he was going to be the father to this beautiful abandoned child.

From that moment, Luca and Alba’s life changed.

Like plenty of other countries, Italy was no exception. Adoptions for single and homophile parents has been an intricate task. Adoption agencies prefer “traditional” families, which made things harder for him to adopt, but that didn’t stop him.

Luca’s case is unique as it helps shatter the stereotypes about religion, family, and fatherhood when he was allowed to adopt Alba back in 2017.

Luca Trapanese has a huge heart and has given this beautiful girl a chance to a bright and happy future. They live for each other.

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Credits: fb/lucatrapanese

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for more info: fb/lucatrapanese

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