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Tom Hanks Shares His Advice On A Stable Happy Marriage

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31 Years, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have been married in what seems to be a union of bliss. Unlike the Hollywood couples who seem to act happy, these two people seem to be happier together as the years go by.

Tom Hanks has shared some reasons to their successes in love.

Rita Wilson, however, has only one reason: it’s all down to that spark. You’ve either got it or you haven’t.

Tom Hanks always shows gratitude towards his wife. He thanks her for his accomplishments and appreciates her roles in his success. “Show your support for your spouse”.

Although she is the Mother of his children and his wife, she is first and foremost his Lover.

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The spark stays between them is obvious just by the way they look at each other. You can’t fake it.

It is important to appreciate the small and big things evenly.

Tom and Rita make sure that they cherish each other on a day to day basis and do little things to make each other happy.

Although they are quite a big family who spend as much time together as they can, the couple always make time to be alone. Tom feels that this has a lot to do with the strength of their relationship that the flame keeps burning bright.

Their children, however, have been a huge part of cementing their relationship and their family bond is very strong.

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It is important to acknowledge that these two make time to have fun together. Making time for fun is something that we forget to do with the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Laughter is important to them and Tom was quoted saying:
“We laugh now at two in the morning as much as we always have.”

Also, noteworthy to mention that this couple spends time working together too, perhaps it is the challenge of the task that keeps them enjoying each others company and talent.

The perfect couple have their ups and downs, so when Rita was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, Tom was there for any support she needed. The result was positive, Rita shared her experience with cancer patients and their families giving them support. She gave them a flicker of hope in dire times as well as raising awareness.

Rita with the support of her husband, family and friends, she underwent a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction.

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Tom said, to have a mature relationship, you yourself should be mature. His first marriage collapsed due to him being too young and he now recommends that you wait until you are over 30 years before settling down and starting a family.

A very important piece of advice he shares is that you need to be willing to compromise. If I might add an interesting tidbit to this story is that Tom actually changed his religion for his second wife Rita. Tom was a Catholic before he married Wilson but as she was Greek Orthodox, he made the decision to convert to her faith in respect to her family and their religious beliefs.

Although a compromise is a very important part of a relationship so is acceptance. Tom said that Rita loved him when he was thin and when he was fat. She loved him with hair and bald. He says that this woman loves me, and for that he is a lucky man.

It is very important to choose the correct person to marry. According to Tom he got lucky with Rita and feels that he is the luckiest man alive.

Some individuals marry for various reasons, which could be financial, cultural, legal, social, spiritual, the list goes on. Some of the above pointer could help marriages to survive.

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So, 31 years of happiness, why not try a few of these pointers!

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