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Tiny Terriers Chased Away A Bear Who Broke Into Their Home

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Nobody likes an uninvited guest that could be dangerous. Deedee Mueller’s house in Pasadena, California, was also visited by an unwanted guest. Her house became the site of an exciting breaking and entering case. And no, it wasn’t a human who broke into her house; it was a bear. Yes, you heard me right.

This bear didn’t break down the door and enter the house, and it didn’t damage the house’s exterior. Since Deedee left the kitchen door open, the bear just walked in as if it received an invitation to enter. 

The whole event was caught on security footage. As soon as the video of this incident was uploaded onto YouTube, it went viral. Fortunately for Deedee, her two terriers, Squirt and Mei Mei, were at home. Both these terriers weren’t very happy with the presence of an intruder.

After all, they didn’t want an intruder in their own house. So the two dogs decided to chase away the bear out of the house, and they actually succeeded in doing so.

The two tiny terriers were not afraid of a giant bear. Although the bear was large, the two dogs and their barking appeared to scare the bear. It ran out of the house as the dogs took chased.

The video of this whole incident is very entertaining, and it is hilarious to see the bear running out of the house as the two tiny dogs chase behind it. “Young bear visited our Pasadena hillside home and ventured into the house through the open kitchen door. Our two small terriers Squirt and Mei Mei said NO” Deedee had written along with the video shared on YouTube. 

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According to Deedee, this is not the first time that the bear visited her house. I’m pretty sure that these dogs taught this bear some manners and that it learned it was a bad idea to enter a house it wasn’t invited into in the first place.

These two ting terriers deserve a medal for their bravery. I’m pretty sure the bear must have gone back and warned its friends, saying, “don’t ever go to that house. The dogs there are just crazy.”

Terriers are generally playful pets and enthusiastic companions. They are energetic, brave, mischievous, active, fearless, cheerful, and independent. However, without proper training, terriers can be very stubborn and can cause a lot of problems.

They were originally bred to hunt down vermin under the ground and named after the Latin word earth.

Other Terrier breeds are the English Toy Terrier and the Yorkshire Terrier. Although they are small, they retain actual terrier characters and are not lap dogs.

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Image credits: Screenshots from the YouTube/Deedee Mueller

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