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Time Lapse of The World’s Largest and Rarest Flower – The Corpse Flower

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The Corpse Flower will probably be the largest flower most people will ever see and probably ever will see again.

This massive plant earned its nickname from its ghastly foul aroma when it blooms. Officially known as Titan arum or Amorphophallus titanum is now also known as the Corpse Flower. Some people say the rare flower smell so rotten, just like dead mice, a corpse, or even a dirty diaper. Yet the fans are not too bothered by the smell.

According to the Chicago Botanic Garden, it can take a Corpse Flower as long as a decade to develop enough energy to start its bloom cycle. After that, it can take three to seven years before it will bloom again.

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Corpse flowers can grow as large as about 3 meters high with blooms as large as .9 meters wide and have been listed as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as they are decreasing in numbers.

The name itself is interesting and intriguing, but the size and rarity of the bloom are stunning to view in a time-lapse video. The smell is dreadful, yet some people don’t tend to mind.

The plant typically only blooms for a day or two, and the smell only lingers on for roughly six to 12 hours.

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The temperature, color, and smell of the flower are meant to attract pollinators. Flies, bees, dung beetles, and other carnivorous insects are the primary pollinators, and as you may know, these insects typically eat dead meat. Therefore the smell is meant to imitate dead meat to attract these insects looking for a prime location to lay eggs. By crawling over the corpse flower, these insects play a vital role in pollination.

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