Tiny Hamster Wears a Tiny Cast To Heal His Tiny Broken Arm

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There is nothing more heartwarming than seeing humans caring and helping others, especially helpless animals/creatures.

This tiny little hamster with its arm in one of the world’s smallest casts will definitely warm your heart.

GeorgeOnee had posted this photo that went viral years ago in August of 2016 of his tiny hamster wearing a cast to heal its broken arm, which his insurance cover he had paid for the cost of the cast. The caption was “Little fellow broke his arm..” that was the only information supplied.

The below photo was posted to Reddit by user GeorgeOnee.
GeorgeOnee didn’t share any details at the time on how the injury occurred.

According to BoredPanda, this tiny rodent was taken to a veterinary clinic in Russia, where he received one of the world’s smallest casts.

Credit: Reddit

No further news has been available, but we hope he made a speedy recovery.

Additional information regarding hamsters health:
According to wikihow.com, hamsters are swift creatures. Their squirming can cause them to fall. When they fall from a high spot, it is easy to break their tiny little bones. Possibility of it snapping or even just a fracture, can cause a severe problem. Wikihow.com recommends that if your hamster has an open fracture, you should take him to a vet. Cage rest will help heal the bones if it is a closed fracture. 

Have you ever seen a tiny hamster on a lead before? Neither have I until I
saw this; Shared by a Twitter user @bom_okss.

Here we have a hamster that goes for walks on a lead.

Credit: Twitter/bom-okss

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