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This Peculiar Frog Is So Transparent You Can See Its Internal Organs

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This new species of Glass frogs called Hyalinobatrachium Yaku found in the Amazonian lowlands in Ecuador. They are different from other Glass frogs because of their transparent skin, which exposes the whole underside, heart, and head. 

The credit of finding this new species goes to Juan M.Guayasamin from the Universidad San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador. Similar to the Kermit in appearance, this creature has dark green spots on its back and back part of the head. Their body is only two centimeters long.

The male frog uses a specific call to attract females. But the most interesting thing about this frog is its translucent pericardium, which is a membrane encircling the heart, extending from the stomach up to the chest.

Photo 109261603 © Ondřej Prosický |

If you look at the Yaku’s underside, you will realize that its heart, kidneys, reproductive system, and urinary bladder are all visible. Although scientists still argue why they have this feature, some believe that it helps them confuse and avoid predators. 

These frogs were discovered in three distinct locations, 65 miles apart in Amazonian Ecuador. Although the frogs from these areas were similar in appearance, they were different in their behavior. Some frogs were seen under leaves in slowly moving river, while others were spotted perching on leaves in shrubs, grasses, and ferns. 

The only obstacle these species face is human activity. Their numbers are reducing due to road development, water pollution, oil extraction, isolation, and habitat degradation. 

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By Mauricio Rivera Correa –, CC BY-SA 2.5,

Experts have come up with various options to help save this species. But the government has to take necessary actions to ensure that these Glass frogs are conserved and protected in order for them to survive.

Similar to the Glass frog we came across a turtle that was born with a bared heart. This tiny turtle was named Hope when her human dad rescued her. He feared that she wouldn’t survive.

Hope and gets very excited when she sees her dad. She will flap her arms and splash water whenever he comes near to her tank.

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