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This Is Why Millions Of Men Lose Friends In Their Twenties

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While we’re typically sociable beasts during school and university, when the pressures of work start beating down, faces that were once familiar to us can start falling away, making us realize just how alone in the world we truly are.

A recent poll carried out by The Movember Foundation on YouGov has revealed millions of men don’t believe they have a close enough friend to discuss serious issues with.

The poll revealed that 12 per cent of men over 18 have no one they turn to in times of need, and that suggests a staggering 2.5 million men across Britain face the same problem.

Over a quarter of men said they got in touch with their mates less than once a month, and 9 percent said they don’t remember the last time they made contact with their friends.

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Based on the accounts six men all aged between 19 and 30, Vice found a wide array of reasons why men felt their friendships had slipped away.

The reasons included moving away from their oldest school friends to new schools, opting to move into the world of work instead of continuing in education, associating mates as drinking buddies instead of confidants, career goals, time pressures, and relationships.

Sarah Coghlan, head of Movember UK says: “Many men we’ve spoken to don’t actually realize how shallow their relationships have become until they face a significant challenge, such as bereavement, breakdown of a relationship, fatherhood, or loss of employment—and yet that is of course when good friends are needed most.”

It is a very serious concern and based on their research the World Health Organisation believes a lack of friends can lead to depression, anxiety and even suicide.

So pick up the phone, get your mates together and do whatever it is that makes you all happy. The consequences of falling away from them could be severe.

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