This Group Launched Biodegradable Banana Leaf Plates

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Credit: Chuwa Plant

In Peru, to try to use as little plastic as possible, a team of people claimed a project called “Bio Plant”.

This project consists of producing biodegradable banana leaf-based dishes to limit the contamination generated by the disproportionate disposal of plastic.

An original idea to carry forward a concept of “rehabilitation” in the world necessary for environmental pollution!

Chuwa Plant

These banana leaf dishes are naturally degradable before the sixty days pass; they can deteriorate within two months, unlike the classic standard polystyrene containers, which need up to five hundred years and generate irreparable damage to the ecosystem and biodiversity.

Image credit: Chuwa.Plant

They have produced, thanks to the aid of the Innóvate Peru program, special machines for pressing, supplying and die-cutting these biodegradable dishes and, with these new instruments, can pack 50,000 dishes a month.

To receive this grant, they took part in the Bio Challenge competition; a competition that promotes the growth of innovative techniques to maintain the tolerable use of biodiversity resources.

Image credit: Chuwa.Plant

The small producers of the Peruvian Amazonia are exercising together with the team, explains Josuè Soto, the founder of the program, who is given an honest figure and a practical education for the subtraction of the cultivated areas of banana plants.

Soto also stated that it is not necessary to demolish bananas or tear off leaves; the collectors remove the helmets of bananas from the tree and the leaves separate as they do.

Paper and cardboard pulp plates were also created by the Chuwa Plant group.
These types of products, including banana leaf dishes, are disposable; disposable, remain unaltered at various temperatures and you can handle any type of food!

Some containers that circulate on the market contain styrene, a derivative of petriolo, while the dishes created by Bio Plant do not have this cangerogenic substance; they measure 22 cm x 16 cm x 3 cm (height) and have already been used in state regions of the country.

Image credit: Chuwa.Plant

The team, with their productions, has in mind to enter the market of organic restaurants and natural taverns!

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