This Cardboard Home Lasts At Around 50 Years And Is 100% Recyclable

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Most of you have seen smart houses built from wood, concrete, and bricks, but have you seen one made of cardboard?

Many people are downsizing their lifestyles to make life more fulfilling without a huge mortgage or debt hanging over their heads and living eco-friendly. Could this possibly be your answer?

Wikklehouse is using cardboard as the primary building material, which is sustainable with a beautiful design and constructive strength.

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From 1989 a group of creative makers in Amsterdam has been building interiors and furniture. Since then, they have come a long way and have found a way to design beautiful, customizable, environmentally, and sustainable friendly dwellings out of this surprising material.

The cardboard is wrapped around a large house-shaped rotating mold while they add supper strong eco-friendly glue to 24 layers. That secures that the house is robust and adequately insulated.

Copyright ©Wikkelhouse/Yvonne Witte

Afterward, each segment gets a protection film and a shell of wooden slats. The final product is three times more environmentally sustainable than a traditional home.

The base of the house is ‘virgin fiber paperboard,’ which comes from Scandinavian trees.

Copyright ©Wikkelhouse/Yvonne Witte

It is also suitable for vacation homes, office space, classrooms, guest houses, and showrooms. They can customize each structure and tweak around the finishings.

Are you wondering how this cardboard structure stands up against harsh weather conditions? Their final step in creating the house is by adding waterproof, breathable foil, and wood panel finish.

Copyright ©Wikkelhouse/Yvonne Witte

The modular setup up permits the homeowner to add sections whenever their heart desires. These sections are 4.5m long x 1.2m wide x 3.5m high and can be readily connected or disconnected to make the house more substantial or smaller.

For more information click on their website Wikkelhouse here

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