This 9-Year-Old Russian Boy Sells His Original Pet Paintings for Food and Supplies for Shelter Animals

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This incredible nine years old named Pavel Abramov uses art to help stray animals. 

He is a hero in disguise from the city of Arzamas in Nizhny Novgorod. Pavel paints these portraits of pets so that he could exchange them for animal food and supplies. He then donates them to the local shelter.

This project named “Kind paintbrush” started a year ago, with the help of Pavel’s mother, Ekaterina Bolshakova. Losing his four-legged animal friend Barsik, inspired him to start this initiative. 

He felt sympathetic towards the stray animals wandering on the streets. This is why he decided to take action and make a change in the world of strays. 

The mother and son duo also maintains a group on VK, a Russian social media site. It is called “What a little volunteer is capable of?” This young kid alone has brought so much positive change into the world. 

People sign deals with Pavel, agreeing to provide supplies in exchange for a portrait of their pet. Pavel knows all his models and meets with them too. He paints just by looking at photos. 

Image credit: instagram-pashaabramov1

Pavel is also interested in getting to know the life story of these pets and how the owners meet these adorable creatures. 

This project has spread beyond the city, and even people from other countries request portraits of their pets. So many people would like to take part in this great initiative. Pavel’s work has made its way to Germany and Spain too.

Can you believe that he is the youngest volunteer of the only animal shelter in Arzamas, which provides accommodation for more than 100 dogs? 

Pavel’s family is very proud of him for stepping up and starting this initiative. He works according to a strict schedule so that he could do everything. 

His goal is to become an architect and build a big shelter. But for now, he will support the strays through his artwork. 

Featured image credit: Instagram

The Wisconsin Humane Society had a brilliant fun idea for their fundraiser campaign. As they attend to at least 40,000 animals yearly, they rely on donations.

Their campaign placed a post on Facebook, should anyone donate $15 to them, they would draw your pet. It seems it certainly put some fun into fundraising. You should see some of the wonderful paintings, they were exceptionally good in a comic style.

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