Things We Shouldn’t Share On Social Media To Value Relationships

Things We Shouldn’t Share On Social Media To Value Relationships

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I don’t think people understand the power of social media or our phones. Zendaya

As kids, we were taught that it is okay to share with others as sharing is caring. If we look at the time, spend on social media today our parents should be proud, except that certain things should not be posted on social media.

If you are in love, there is nothing more you would like to share than your feelings for your partner. The same goes if you are upset and unhappy.

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Things not to share when it comes to your relationship

Personal information regarding your partner

Dawn Michael, a clinical sexologist, and relationship expert, explains that you can post information about yourself but never about your partner as this will be an invasion of his or her privacy. If you must share information on a social platform make sure to obtain approval from your partner before doing so.

Posting Pictures without permission

Pictures have the potential to be degrading to your partner especially if his co-workers have access to his social media. People, especially woman might find photographs unflattering while you might find it adorable and funny.

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Lovers Quarrels

Don’t allow people to get involved in your arguments. Sharing lovers quarrels will create a negative impression of you and your partner. When you have kissed and made up your family and friends might still be cross with your partner.

Anything that needs validation

Think twice before you post something that needs validation from your partner. Most of the time it will do more harm than good.

Degrading post about your partner

Airing your grievances, especially over ex-partners, on social media is passive-aggressive, and this will only make you look insecure. Social media can be a lot of fun as long as you keep the trash talk to yourself. In this case more is better to keep personal things between you and your partner.

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Your sex life

The most important “DO NO SHARE” is what goes on between the sheets. What goes on behind doors should stay behind doors. Sharing intimate information might jeopardize your relationship.

Posting intimate details of your relationship is a sign of poor personal boundaries. A rule of thumb is to seek approval before you post anything. Remember that what you post now might come back to haunt you in future.

So why do people share on social media? According to researches people share on social media

To entertain, motivate, inspire and post what could be useful and valuable content to others.

To define themselves. Tell others what they like or dislike, interests and images of what they want to be usually by choosing snapshots of what they want others to see.

The most common reason is that people share to stay connected. Finding old friends and family.

To persuade other people. People share their beliefs and opposing beliefs to convince people to agree with them.

People share to be visible and because other people share.

To feel an emotional connection whether it is anger shock, humor, sadness or love.

People think that they process information better, thoroughly and thoughtfully if they share it with other

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