Things To Say More Often That Will Change Your Life

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All too often, we take the people we love the most for granted: our lovers, family members, friends, and even our children. We forget the enormous power of our words, as we carelessly lash out when under stress. We stick our noses in our laptops and smartphones, assuming our loved ones know what we are failing to verbalize, sometimes until the relationships are disconnected or damaged beyond repair.

Make a choice to consciously nurture your relationships with verbal communications of love. Be kind and sincere. Ask open-ended questions with an open heart. Listen empathically and non-defensively. Remember, there are no conditions, no strings, no expectations, and no manipulations.Simply, love to love.


I Appreciate You/ Thank You

This one should be relatively self-explanatory, but remember that gratitude goes a long way and can do a lot for the person on the receiving end. We all regularly receive things (both big and small) that we should be grateful for, so why not express that gratitude a little more often?


Nope. I don’t think so. It’s not gonna happen.

Be nice about declining offers and feel perfectly worthy enough to say no to stuff you don’t want to do. NO can be really empowering to use effectively. Learning how to say no is a gift, as long as it’s done with conscious awareness.

I Understand/Feel Where You Are Coming From

No matter what the subject of conversation happens to be, we are bound to occasionally come across an individual that holds a different opinion. Rather than seeing this as an opportunity to get fired up and argue, look to understand where they are coming from. You can still have a constructive conversation/debate, but a key element to doing this effectively is to approach it with respect rather than anger. Take the time to actually listen to why a person has arrived at an opinion or feeling.

I Love You

It always makes me laugh when I see movies where the boyfriend or girlfriend say ‘I love you’ for the first time like it’s a huge deal, or they have given away a chunk of their soul. I love you it such a beautiful way of expressing love that it doesn’t just have to be reserved for romance. I tell my kids at least 3 times a day that I love them. And my husband and I say it all the time. It’s a way of connecting…like sending out a signal to fuel the relationship with good feeling energy. In fact, we dive a lot into this concept in 21 Days to Attract Your Soulmate Course.

Tell your parents you love them too. For anyone that you genuinely LOVE, it’s a good idea to let them know. Or alternatively, SHOW them you love them in your own love language. Make sure you release any emotional blockages around saying it.

And release the pain if your parents didn’t say it to you. Create your own rituals, patterns and associations. I LOVE YOU.

My Bad

It takes a lot to actually admit that you are at fault for something that happened. So rather than always looking for some external factor to blame in the equation, speak the truth and own up for what you are responsible for.

I Forgive You

Forgiveness is powerful stuff, especially if you think someone has treated you unfairly.Let it go. The real thing you should be saying to yourself  is I FORGIVE YOU. Feel it in your cells and release the hold that any guilt has on you. Shame, guilt, pent-up feelings of unworthiness are great opportunities to practice


We live in a world where the majority of us are lost in our phones. Rather than contributing to this sad fact, look to connect with other people with something as simple as saying hi. You may come across some awkward moments and uncomfortable reactions while doing this, but you may also be pleasantly surprised by how much this can brighten the day of some people – and your own in the process.


Thank You

Gratitude is a beautiful thing to practice whenever you get an opportunity and there are so many in the course of a day. When you’re in the supermarket remember to make eye contact with your check-out person and say thank you.  Say thank you to yourself. Say thank you to your pets, your doctor, your mail person, your pool cleaner guy, your dead great-grandmother, your enemies, your ex-bloody husband.

Say thank you in the safe space of your inner dialogue and let it flow to the outside world.



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