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These Zodiac Combinations Are Just Not Meant To Work Out

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We almost always look the universe and stars to give us the signs we need even when it comes to LOVE

When it comes to love, there is no one set formula that is guaranteed to work for all. There are no magic combinations which will pass the test of time. Relationships are a complex permutation and combination set of different kinds of people working together, and when they are sincere they usually make it through. At the end of the day it all depends how much effort the partners are willing to put in for each other.

However, knowing about the opposite is quite easy in comparison. There are some handful combinations that just never work. They might get together, but are only a recipe of disaster, a sitting time bomb ready to go off. Here are 6 zodiac pairings which will never work out:


1. Aries with Cancer

Aries and Cancer are bound to malfunction from the get go. While the Aries is a lot more impulsive, blunt and quick on their feet; Cancer tends to take things slow, want to be pampered and just want to take their own sweet time with decisions. Hence, an Aries partner is simply too fast moving for the Cancer, and for Aries, the Cancer requires too much cuddling and fondling which they don’t have the time for.

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2. Taurus with Sagittarius

On the face of it, Taurus and Sagittarius might feel like the perfect fit for each other. They are the best of friends one can ever hope for. Yet, their combination should be left for the realm of friendship alone and not taken to the relationship level. The reason is simple. Sagittarius is too free spirited to be ever tied down to one place or person. And the Taurus simply cannot function without some sort of stability and commitment



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3. Gemini with Virgo

This is one combination which cannot even be mistaken to be working well. They are polar opposites who will only bear down on each other. The Gemini lives a life of chaos and unpredictability, the Virgo wants their days planned with goals set for every hour. Together, they will only get on each other’s nerves.


4. Leo with Scorpio

Both of them share the dominant personality type. So with them it will only be an endless battle to see who’s on top. They think of compromise as throwing in the towel and neither would be ready for that. Hence it is better for these two to maintain their distance.


5. Capricorn with Aquarius

Unlike the pairing of Gemini and Virgo who are polar opposites, Capricorn and Aquarius are actually quite alike. But that’s the problem: they are alike in their extreme personality type too. Together they will only boost this. For them to be truly happy they need someone a little different from them who can cancel out their extremes and together find a midpoint.

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6. Libra with Pisces

This is another combination which makes for good friends but not so good partners. Pisces are dreamy. Libras are about trying to appropriate other’s idea of what is right and what’s wrong. Together, they would make for a dreamy, people pleasing couple who is far removed from reality.

This article was published with kind permission from Mindwaft.

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