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These Invasive Giant Snails Look Like Something Out Of A Science Fiction Movie

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These giant snails are not something out of a science fiction movie. These snails are real. The giant African land snail has been classified as invasive parasite-carrying species, and in many places, they are either banned or regulated.

These giant snails are known as the ‘Giant Land Snail of Africa,’ typically found in Tanzania and Kenya, but not anymore. They have made headlines making themselves known to people that never knew they existed.

These huge snails, which are mostly active at night, could be devastating to agriculture and natural environmental areas. They can cause extensive destruction to subtropical and tropical habitats. They can also pose a severe health risk to humans.

The adult snail is approximately 7 centimeters in height and about 20 centimeters in length, almost the size of a person’s head. The shells are typically brown, yet coloration is changeable, depending on the snail’s diet. The shell is robust and has the highest heavy metal content of any snail species and is almost twice as high as it is broad.

These gigantic snails can be found all over the United States, thriving in humid areas. These ruthless creatures as they are not picky eaters. They eat plants and crops to survive. They could go as far as eating the stucco of your homes if they are not getting enough to eat.

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Snails are hermaphrodites, that means they have both male and female sex organs. They can generate more than one clutch of eggs after mating, even those that have not been in contact with other snails may still produce batches of viable eggs. Assuming it was an adult and was in contact with other snails.

Can you imagine going outside and finding your garden filled with these giant snails?

In Florida, some residents are living in fear of a hostile takeover of snails. Even the Department of Agriculture is at a loss of these happenings. They are making the people aware of the outbreak and that these snails are real.

Some people, for various reasons, sneak these snails into countries. Please be aware that you could face prison time if you bring these giant snails across the borders into some countries.

The snails have been introduced from East Africa to many parts of the world as a commercial food source for humans, fish, and livestock, or as a novelty pet.

These invasive pests can quickly attach to transport or machinery at any developmental stage, can go into a state of aestivation in colder conditions, and so is readily transportable over distances. They banned in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

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Always make sure that you are checking your surroundings for their existence.

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