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The “Victoria Crowned Pigeon” One Of The Most Spectacular Birds Ever & Can Grown To The Size Of A Turkey

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A Victoria Crowned pigeon is the largest species of pigeons. They are part of the Goura family of four unique looking and ground-dwelling pigeon species and can grow to the size of a female turkey.

The Victoria Crowned pigeon is native to Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, yet can also be found on the Yapen islands and Biak-Supiori,
in Geelvink Bay as well as Japan (Jobi) island and Bink island, where it could have been introduced.

Image credits: The Virginia Zoo

When you hear the word pigeon, you automatically think the dull grey bird which is the common color of city pigeons. Surprisingly, there are a variety of other color pigeons. The most beautiful pigeon is the Victoria Crowned Pigeon, which has distinct bright blue feathers and a gorgeous crown on the top of its head.

Image credits: The Virginia Zoo

They travel in small flocks and are quite a dazzling sight to see when the birds search for their food from the fallen fruits, berries and seeds from the trees.

Image credits: Laura Wolf

Thought pigeons weren’t pretty?

Image credits: Laura Wolf

The azure feathers fan out along the Victoria Crowned pigeon, making it one of the most spectacular tropical birds in the forest.

Image credits: saebaryo

The Victoria Crowned pigeon appears to have no natural predators in the forest other than man, who hunts the colorfully plumed pigeon for its beautiful feathers and meat. Victoria Crowned pigeon is considered a delicacy in some cultures.

Image credits: cuatrok77

In cities, pigeons tend to be darker, according to a study. In cities, dark pigeon’s melanin might give them an edge, performing double-duty by helping the birds rid themselves of chemical toxins.


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