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The Reindeer Steals The Limelight At Aurora Borealis Observatory

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Auroras are known as the paintings of the sky. They come into being through electrically charged particles that accelerate along the magnetic field lines into the upper atmosphere.

There are numerous things in space that we can’t see. One of the things is the air we breathe, our atmosphere, which is a mixture of different gases, primarily oxygen and nitrogen, with traces of helium, hydrogen, and various compounds.

These particles then collide with gas atoms and give off light. The solar wind powers the auroras. The controlling gas is in the ionosphere, and the current travels along magnetic field lines.

This still image was captured on another day, but magnificent nonetheless. Image source: Facebook/AuroraBorealisObservatory

Auroras can be best seen near the magnetic poles of the northern and southern hemispheres. 

 Image source: Facebook/AuroraBorealisObservatory

Recently a video released onto the internet depicted a majestic reindeer at the Aurora Borealis Observatory in Norway. The lime-green light or the camera in front of him didn’t seem to bother the reindeer at all. Although the observatory sounds somewhat official, it is actually a family-run resort located on Senja Island in Northern Norway.

Image source: Facebook/AuroraBorealisObservatory

The resort owners are Anders Hanssen, Kristine Hanssen and Magnus Hanssen. The apartments, rooms, and suites of the resort offer a great view of the amazing Aurora dance. The resort has installed large windows to ensure that its visitors have the best possible view available. Private outdoor hot tubs and fireplaces are accessible to those who book luxury units. 

Image source: Facebook/AuroraBorealisObservatory

Anders is a well-known photographer and videographer of the magnificent auroras in the skies above Norway. On the 14th of December, a Sunday, the Aurora Borealis Observatory released a reindeer video along with the Aurora, which was uploaded onto Facebook.

Image source: Facebook/AuroraBorealisObservatory

The reindeer’s spectacular antlers were highlighted against the breathtaking backdrop of the vibrant night sky. It seemed as if the creature was enjoying the beautiful light show. Since it was wintertime, when the video was captured, there is a good view of the lights. 

Image source: Facebook/AuroraBorealisObservatory

Aurora Borealis consists of the Auroras that occur in the northern hemisphere. They are the northern lights. The colors of the Auroras vary because of the different gas particles they collide with. Green is the most common among the Aurora colors. Anders was definitely fortunate to film the reindeer who was posing under the night sky filled with Auroras.

Image source: Facebook/AuroraBorealisObservatory
Image source: Facebook/AuroraBorealisObservatory

The video below is sure to take your breath away. It might even make your travel all the way to Norway. 

All images are used with permission from Aurora Borealis Observatory

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