The Powerful Yet Uplifting Truth Behind Depression

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By Tina Jerkovich and  Raven Fon

Every single one of us has had a bad day. But some of us have had worse days than others. Some of us have struggled to take that breath that gets us out of bed in the morning. Some of us have had to fight ourselves every day simply to stay in this world.

The words of Shayne Koyczan are powerful enough to bring hope and joy to those who are experiencing one of those harder-than-most moments in life. Shayne was born in Canada in 1976 and stared becoming interested in poetry at a very young age. By 2000, he became the first Canadian to win the Individual Championship title at the National Poetry Slam. The years that followed brought many accomplishments his way including 3 books, the release of an album, and a TED talk on bullying, which is where the following video comes from. I came across this video last year and it touched my heart more than words could ever explain. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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