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The Perfect Plant for Your Home According to Your Zodiac

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Our zodiac signs can reveal a lot about ourselves. They can show us everything from our magical abilities to our darker qualities. The signs can also reveal how we go about our relationships. This includes our relationships with friends, family, significant others and plants!

Yes, that’s right. Just like people, different types of plants have preferences for their relationships with their owners. Some plants prefer more direct care while other plants are more independent and can fare well with some time alone. This directly correlates with your own traits. For example, finicky fiddle leaf figs are a perfect match for hardworking Taurus plant parents. Take a look at the zodiac plant pairing guide below to see what plant is best for you.

Aquarius: Pothos
aquarius pothos zodiac plant pairing

Altruistic Aquarius plant parents can find lots of similarities with the beautiful, air-purifying pothos. This plant wants to make the world a better place just like its parent!

Pisces: ZZ Plant
zz plant pisces zodiac plant pairing

The forgiving Pisces can find a lot in common with the indestructible ZZ plant. This sturdy plant can withstand lots of neglect and understand when its parents forget to water them.

Aries: Succulent
aries succulent zodiac plant pairing

Aries are known for being straightforward and brutally honest. This makes them a great parent for low-maintenance succulents! These plants have simple care guidelines that a straight-to-the-point Aries will appreciate.

Taurus: Fiddle Leaf Fig
taurus fiddle leaf fig zodiac plant pairing

Any Taurus loves to work hard and play hard. This sign lives for the reward and puts in the work necessary to get there. That’s why caring for a picky fiddle leaf fig is right up a Taurus’ alley. Their patience and strong work ethic will be greatly rewarded with a big and healthy “it” plant that everyone is dying to have in their home.

Gemini: Philodendron
gemini philodendron zodiac plant pairing

Gemini’s can adapt to almost any situation just like their plant twin, the philodendron. These plants can adjust to virtually any lighting conditions and indoor environments. Their fun and frilly leaves directly reflect a Gemini’s cheery attitude.

Cancer: Money Tree
money tree cancer zodiac plant pairing

Cancers think with their heart all the way through and are emotional beings. This makes them the perfect parent for a money tree because of the meaning behind this plant. Many believe that this plant can bring prosperity to their home and this speaks directly to a Cancer’s sentimental soul.

Leo: Bromeliad
leo bromeliad zodiac plant pairing

The charismatic Leo can charm their way into anyone’s heart. Their intrinsic and outward attractiveness make bromeliads the plant for them. These unique plants are popular for their bright colors and exotic looks. Leos will love this plant not only for their beautiful appearance but also for their tropical roots.

Virgo: Rubber Tree
virgo rubber tree zodiac plant pairing

Virgos are some of the most responsible people you’ll ever meet. Their strong sense of service makes them a great parent for any plant. However, the rubber plant is a perfect match for them since they also share the same traits. Rubber trees are misunderstood plants since their glossy leaves make them appear fake. Virgos are often misunderstood, too since they live by and set incredibly high standards for themselves and others. This mutual understanding makes a Virgo a practical and compassionate parent for a rubber tree.

Libra: Monstera
libra monstera zodiac plant pairing

Libras love for art and all things beautiful makes the monstera an obvious choice. Monsteras have a longstanding history in interior design and are commonly found printed on pillows, wallpapers, and other stylish furnishings. Libras are the best plant parents to appreciate a monstera’s architectural leaves and artful background.

Scorpio: Dracaena
scorpio dracaena zodiac plant pairing

Scorpios value honesty and authenticity above all else and dracaenas are a perfect match for them for this very trait. These plants will tell you directly if they’re getting too much or too little water based on the way their leaves react. This no-nonsense plant is the most ideal for the direct and to-the-point Scorpio.

Sagittarius: Alocasia
sagittarius alocasia zodiac plant pairing

Sags are full of wanderlust and love to try new things. The exotic alocasia plant is perfect for fulfilling these two desires because of its tropical homeland and overall rarity. Alocasias aren’t common houseplants, but they do add a fun and unexpected twist to your home.

Capricorn: Bonsai
capricorn bonsai zodiac plant pairing

Traditional Capricorns are incredibly disciplined and do well under strict rules. The art of bonsai follows different guidelines and requires discipline to maintain a beautiful tree. Capricorns will flourish in the deep-rooted traditions surrounding bonsai care.

By Jessica Santos, Guest writer

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