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The Ocean Heals

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We all love a vacation at the sea, some of us are even lucky enough to live near the ocean all year round.

Ancient Greeks appreciated the health and beauty benefits of this mineral-rich water and bathed and soaked in seawater-filled pools and hot tubs. Among several benefits, swimming in seawater can help increase your immune system function, improve circulation, promote overall well-being and hydrate your skin.

The natural ingredients harvested from beneath the waves – sea salts, algae and seaweed -are packed full of nourishing minerals.

Their healing qualities detoxify, feed the nervous system, relieve muscular tension, and have effective antiseptic and anti-flammatory properties.

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Algae and the seaweed kelp can be taken orally as a food supplement working wonders on the brain, cleansing the blood and balancing out the hormone system.

So if you’re wondering where Mother Nature hides her healing properties, look no further than the ocean!

Dr Ren Quinton

Seawater contains every mineral and trace mineral known in organic form and in the proper ratios needed by human tissues. Dr. Ren Quinton, French biologist/physiologist, proved that pure seawater is virtually identical to mammalian blood plasma. With the assistance of many eminent physicians, he successfully used seawater as a healing agent on thousands of patients in France and Egypt in the early 1900s.

Navy doctors successfully used seawater during the Second World War when blood serum supplies ran out.

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Many disease conditions responded to injections of the diluted ocean water a true “marine plasma” which could re-mineralize the sick body, normalize the pH (acid alkaline) level and balance the electrolytes, thereby correcting the underlying cause of many disease conditions by regenerating the “internal terrain”, as Quinton called it.

In one experiment, Ren Quinton and his medical team drained a dog of all of its blood and replaced it with isotonic (diluted) seawater. The dog should have died immediately, one would think, but the dog lived. On day two after the transfusion, 50 per cent of the blood components had reappeared. By day four, almost 100 per cent of the missing blood components were restored in what appeared to be proof of biological transmutation (a change from one element to another). Although the dog experienced a rough couple of months, he recovered fully on his own with no medical treatment of any kind. He was then renamed Sodium, spared further experimentation, and he continued to live at the Quinton clinic until he died of natural causes years later.

Beyond the physical healing powers of the ocean, can it also heal our souls? 

If you’ve ever listened to meditation CDs you’ll notice that they are often accompanied by the sound of waves crashing into the shore.

It is a rhythmic and relaxing sound that helps to slow down your energy level and become more receptive to a relaxed state of mind.  Some believe that, like a tuning fork, it sets your internal system back to its natural peaceful state.

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Our psyche is hijacked by caffeine, EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies), fast music, rushed schedules and other external stimuli.  This is why it’s common for people to take vacations by the ocean because we crave that feeling of peace we so often lack in our daily lives.



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