The Myth Of Laziness

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Laziness is an excuse used by low-conscious people (who don’t know what to do with themselves) to guilt more aware people into feeling bad for not wanting to join them in the perpetuation of meaningless tasks and chores for other people’s benefit.

Layman’s terms: laziness is a label used by people to attempt to criticize others who are too smart or confident to waste time doing shit they’d rather not be doing.

According to this line of logic, if you don’t aspire to work in a cubicle and collect a salary – all while being berated and marginalized by a sociopathic boss and backstabbing, drama-driven co-workers – then you my friend by default are lazy!How sinful of you! ; )

Ever notice how some people will yell at you to “get moving” in regards to certain social and cultural expectations?

“You can’t pay attention in school and do your homework? You need to stop being so lazy and buckle down!”

“You still haven’t found a real job? What are you, lazy?”

“Why don’t you work more hours? You must be lazy!”

Again: people aren’t lazy. They’d simply rather not be engaged in activities that provide little to no true fulfillment for them. 

The truth is, laziness for the most part is a myth. Nobody is inherently lazy. Some people just find it exhausting to constantly force themselves to act and behave in ways that are incongruent with who they actually are on the inside.

In fact, do you know who the only true lazy people are?! The ones who yell and scream at people with alternative goals for being lazy, yet themselves plan their entire lives around the “goal” of retiring at age 65 and doing nothing for the rest of their days. Now that’s lazy! ; )

Nobody’s Actually Lazy

Do you enjoy doing things you don’t really want to do?

Are people’s opinions enough to make you feel insecure about yourself if you don’t fall in line with whatever everyone else is doing with their time?

Is your sense of self-esteem tethered to external permission triggers, mainly other people?

How often do you perform actions, activities, or habits simply because it’s easier to deal with that than it would be to have to listen to someone lecture or ridicule you for being “too lazy” not to?

There’s a big difference between someone who sits around playing Xbox, drinking Mountain Dew, and siphoning off government assistance while making zero attempts at bettering themselves or their situation, and someone who’s smart enough to see that most traditional employment is a bad trade off, so they grind to start their own business versus spending the majority of their time under someone else’s watch doing unrelated tasks eight hours a day.

The ironic thing is, the former example is considered more “normal”. We’re often taught to associate people with alternative ideas for life as being risky individuals, often times foolish in their attempts at “making it” outside of the job force.

The biggest risk however, is the one of not taking any risks.

The biggest risk in this life is spending your finite time doing boring, repetitive tasks that have nothing to do with your true passions and drives because you’re too timid to step outside the box of expectation and truly push yourself towards the goals that genuinely inspire you.

The Only Risk is Risk Aversion

The only people who complain about risks are those too terrified to actually take any.

Not all risks are equal. Risk is a relative term, and it could mean a whole host of different things. Starting a business is a risk, and the size of that risk will depend on how much start up capital the individual has to “risk” investing. They know that there’s a chance that they might not see any profit from their endeavor, but that’s a risk they take on and accept up front.

Likewise, those who feel a sense of superiority for their unwavering ability to conform to rules and regulations established by arbitrary authority are themselves taking on massive risk.

Instead of “risking” their illusory sense of self-esteem by taking inspired action towards a legitimate passion-driven goal, they gamble their entire identity away to avoid said situation in the first place.

Other people’s opinions become the prize. This then validates their sense of self more than their own actions do.

These people are quick to bitch and call out others for not “falling in line” with the rest of the herd, yet they’ll be the last to take on any personal risk that doesn’t involve the possibility of reward from someone whose fooled them into doing something they’d rather not be doing in the first place.

Time is Your Greatest Asset in This Life

Time – NOT MONEY – is your greatest asset.

Money can always be replenished.

Time cannot be.

Therefore, it would be wise to prioritize your time by filling it with activities, people, and places that fill you with a genuine sense of self-fulfillment and happiness. Forcing yourself to partake in actions such as a job you hate truly is a waste of your precious life. You’re infinitely better off being broke and doing something you love. I know that sounds completely foolish, but I can’t help but truly feel that way. I couldn’t lie to you and try and bullshit another line of reasoning on this one even if I wanted to.

You have too much potential to waste away at a meaningless, trivial job that does nothing for you and contributes nothing to your true passion-driven goals.

You have too much value to lower yourself to the standards of other people and organizations who only care about lining their own pockets, while telling you whatever you need to hear in order to get you to put your dreams on hold indefinitely.

Don’t let someone else buy you out of your dreams with promises of comfort and security. Even security is an illusion, remember?

People with self-esteem and confidence don’t require external permission to pursue their goals. The only people who require resorting to excuses like calling someone else lazy for not following social conditioning are those who themselves are too terrified to actually begin living their lives. They need to have their hands held every step of the way, because heaven forbid they experience failure! Oh no! We wouldn’t want that to happen, now would we?! ; )

You’re not lazy simply because you don’t want to do boring, meaningless, tedious tasks and work like everyone else. You’re most likely infinitely smarter and more conscious than most people, so pat yourself on the back for having the courage to recognize that and speak up on it! Now, go fill your time with something you’re actually passionate about!

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