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The Magnificent Turquoise Ice Of Lake Baikal, The Deepest Lake In The World

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“The gem that doesn’t need to be cut.” ~ Alexey Trofimov, Russian photographer

Lake Baikal is located just north of the Mongolian border of Siberia, Russia. Lake Baikal gives off a stunning turquoise hue from giant shards of transparent ice, called ice hummocks. Due to the extreme weather temperature, it plummets to minus 38 degrees and causes the ice crust crack and forms these beautiful turquoise blocks of ice. They can reach a height of approximately 15m (50ft).

Ice Hummocks

Lake Baikal is an ancient freshwater lake and is often mistaken for a sea as it is the largest lake on mother earth. The Lake contains approximately twenty percent of Earth’s freshwater, which means that Lake Baikal has more freshwater than all the Great Lakes combined, as well as being one of the purest bodies of water. Locals claim the water is so clean that one can drink it directly from the lake without getting ill.

It is currently threatened by poachers, pollution, and development. Lake Baikal is home to many various unique species of wildlife and plantation.

Not only is Lake Baikal absolutely beautiful, and an attraction to photographers from around the world.
Musicians are making music from the ice too:

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