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The EcoCapsule The Micro Home Of The Future

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In Slovak, architects designed a compact mobile home and entered a competition, although they did not win they improved the concept and introduced the EcoCapsule in 2015. 

The design was the brainchild of two architects Tomas Zacek and Sona Pohlova. 

The EcoCapsule that looks like an egg is a tiny, environmentally friendly, totally of the grid mobile dwelling. 

The EcoCapsule has its own wind turbine, solar panels, and a water collecting system that filters its water and occupies minimal footprint and is made of steel and fiberglass.


The capsule can be connected to a power grid, or the battery can be recharged from your car. With efficient power generation of up to 1.35 kW installed power and storage of 9.7 kWh and a battery pack as default option making the capsule self-sustainable. A fully charged battery provides electric energy for four days if usage does not exceed 2.2kW per day. 

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Wind Turbine

The wind turbine can deliver 759W of electricity in a 24-hour day and even generates energy during the night. The low-noise turbine is placed on a fold-away telescopic pole making it easy to transport. The EcoCapsules can also be used in areas with limited sun as a higher-capacity battery pack is available.

Rainwater Collection

Water can be collected from two sources, rainwater from the structure’s surface or water from an external source, which is stored in a water tank. A series of filters ensure the system delivers clean drinking water, including a reverse osmosis filter that eliminates 99,998% of the dirt. 

This EcoCapsule home measures 4.66m in length, 2.20m in width, and a height of 4.49m.

The capsule consists of a folding bed with a mattress 1.98m x 1.37m, desk, and cabinets made from lightweight honeycomb panels with a wood veneer finish. 

This little prefab’s exterior and interior can be customized. Items like floor colors and finishing, equipment, and furniture can be personalized. 

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The EcoCapsule can also be towed behind your vehicle by attaching a customized trailer to the pod. 

The EcoCapsule won a reward at the prestigious NYCxDESIGN2019. 

Due to the increase in population on earth and the sustainability of suitable housing conditions are already compromised.

Here we have listed reasons why living in a tiny home can prove to be very convenient;

Portability and Mobility
Energy efficiency
Environmentally Friendly
Decluttering and Minimalism
Cleaning Conveniences

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