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The Best Way to Communicate with Spirit Guides

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“Pay attention to your life and you will see bits of ‘magic’ that happens precisely when you need it to happen.” ― Linda Westphal

The other night I was lying in bed for hours, teetering on the edge of sleep— barely conscious but not yet asleep. You know the feeling. During those moments, our brains are usually filled with either to-do lists for the following day or reflections on the day we just had.

But the other night wasn’t one of those typical nights for me. It was in those hazy pre-sleep moments that a whole whack of inspired thoughts rushed into my head — answers to questions that have been floating around in my mind, unanswered for months. Resolutions to burdens that have been weighing on my chest. Inspiration for future articles (and other exciting things!) for this website. These seemed to fly into my consciousness, one by one.

A lone thought would float in my head, meandering for a while until I took the time to write it down. Once I wrote one down, another one would rush in. You should see my bedside journal – filled with chicken scratched notes. I am surprised I can even read them. Thankfully, I can. And thankfully, I knew enough to know that these thoughts were more than just pre-sleep brain work – they were the answers I’d been asking for from my spirit guides for quite some time (plus some!).

We can receive Guidance from our spirit guides, angels and higher selves at any time of day, no doubt about that. But in my experience, we often receive it when we are most vulnerable & most relaxed, leaving us more open to receiving these messages.

When are we most open to receiving Divine Guidance?

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In the groggy moments in the morning when we’re half-asleep/half awake.

During the floaty-type moments we experience before we fall asleep at night.

After a good crying jag. Okay, I’m a girl who loves a good cry. I find it therapeutic. I also find I am most ‘inspired’ and in tune with my higher self & spirit guides once I have given my nose that final blow (sorry for the mental image!) and feel that wave of peace wash over me.

During or after meditation. Studies have shown that Theta waves are more abundant in our brains during meditation. These waves are characteristic of wakeful rest, which leaves us more open to receiving intuitive hits and messages from our guides & higher selves.

When we’re doing our typical “mindless” stuff: laundry, dishes, driving to work – when your mind isn’t working on a task, you’re more likely to have one of those “aha!” moments – a flash of inspiration or the answer you’ve been waiting for.

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You don’t need to be a professional intuitive or psychic or a champion meditation guru to receive Divine Guidance.

You just have to be a person who sleeps, cries or does your laundry. You do at least one of those, right?

It’s a good idea to keep a journal or notebook next to your bedside for the thoughts that pop into your head like they did for me the other night. If you’re lazy like me, you won’t want to get up to groggily find a pen or paper to write everything down, no matter how good the thought seems at the time!

Written by – Lindsay Curtis

This article is re-published with kind permission from The Daily Awe .

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