The Beautiful And Ancient Indian Art Of Rangoli

The Beautiful And Ancient Indian Art Of Rangoli

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Rangoli is a traditional Indian art form in which vibrant and elaborate patterns are created on the ground of homes, courtyards, or even in the middle of the road depending on the occasion. Typically created during festivals for decorative and celebratory purposes, Rangoli are also constructed by those in need of good luck. The materials used in creating Rangoli are all sourced straight from nature, including naturally-colored sand, flower and rice, as well as flower petals and a variety of other ephemeral materials. The vibrant colors are achieved by using vermilion, turmeric, and a variety of other ingredients as a natural dye.

The best time to witness the Rangoli as they fill the streets of India would be during the Onam, Pongal and Diwali festivals, but also during weddings and other forms of special gathering. Traditionally, the Rangoli are created by women who pass on their knowledge of the art form through the generations. Differences in color and design represent the different aspects in the traditions, practices and folklore that are unique to each area of India.

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