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Thailand’s Military Bombed Their Country With Approximately 900,000 Tree Seeds

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Thailand believes it has found the best solution to deforestation, which is a significant problem in the world.

We are full of great ideas to try and repair the damage done by humans due to overpopulation. We have all but destroyed our forests over the years, the damage done is significant and there is no quick fix or is there?

Thailand came up with a fantastic solution, which would be fast, simple, and effective.

All the old war movies showing planes bombing the beautiful Taiwanese landscape, fast forward and fill those planes with seeds instead of fire, and what do you have? Plant growth on steroids. True story, it has been done using military aircraft to scatter seeds over past tree affluent areas.

The seeds were wrapped in a mixture of compost, earth, and clay for the purpose of germination. If the results are successful, Thailand will do it every five years.

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An Author of natural agriculture books called Fukuoka thought up this idea.
The technique was developed and perfected over time. The strategy of the aircraft can achieve to plant approximately 900,000 trees in a day, with the local seeds wrapped in a mixture of earth, compost, and clay to facilitate germination.

Biodiversity is affected by the extinction of trees, which in turn threatens lives.

With fewer forests, we have far-reaching problems such as soil erosion, flooding, fewer crops, water cycle disruptions, climate changes, and greenhouse gas emissions.

We wait eagerly for the results.

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