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Tesla’s New Solar Roof V3 Will Be Cheap As A Shingle Roof And Electric Bill

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Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk suggested that the new version of Tesla’s solar roof tiles would be less costly and affordable to the average homeowner. Approximately equivalent to the cost of a comp shingle roof.

When the solar roof tiles were launched in 2017, the automaker said the production and installation would start in 2018. However, it appears there have been several delays in the production of the solar rooftops.

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During a shareholder meeting, Musk stated it had been a very challenging process to achieve the ambitious goals the company set.

The reason for the delay is that he wanted to ensure he brought the best possible products to the market to ensure the roof would not only need to look aesthetically suitable and cost-effective but would have to last for about 30 years without requiring a replacement.

Tesla estimated that its solar roof would be cheaper than a non-solar tile roof of a similar style or virtually pay for itself with savings on electricity.

A shingle roof could cost as much as $4 per square foot, whereas a tile roof can cost approximately up to $20 per square foot. The cost between a shingle roof and a tile roof is quite notable.

Many factors come into play, the location being one since the economics of solar are different depending on the market.

If Tesla can improve the production costs, this will be a viable product for the ordinary consumer who doesn’t have access to solar technology.

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Even though Solar panels create a natural source of energy and the ability to power your home, thus saving you money, many people wouldn’t transition towards it. Their biggest hesitations are that solar panels can ruin the houses’ anesthetics, which would, in turn, lower the value of the homes.

According to the International Energy Agency, they estimated that solar would be the world’s primary source of energy by 2050.

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Only time will tell.

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