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Sustainable and Affordable 3D-Printed Homes in Just 24 Hours

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Fantastic news, houses are being constructed for low-income families in America. The first 3D-house was constructed in just 24 hours last year in Austin Texas, America.

ICON, a construction technology company that’s goal is to revolutionize affordable and sustainable homes where it is most needed, together with New Story, a nonprofit company that builds homes in low-income countries, has teamed up in March 2018 to develop a whole community in rural Latin America, for families who earn less than $200 per month.

After printing the first 3D-House, the researchers spent the following year refining the design so that the house can withstand harsh weather conditions.

The new homes will be about double the size of the first one in Austin and will cost approximately $4,000 to construct, plus a small percentage for human labor. Materials for the buildings are locally sourced and made from mortar. Donors fund the houses.

ICON co-founder Jason Ballard said, with 3D-Printing you have speed, almost zero waste, continuous thermal envelope, high thermal mass, a broader design palette, and next-level resiliency. The possibilities of a quantum leap in affordability, with all this it makes it 10 times better.

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Vulcan II is the first printer that has the capability of printing houses in which people can live in and anyone with basic training will be able to operate it, thanks to the improvements in automation, mechatronics and a suite of specialized software.

According to South China Morning Post, this year 3D-Printed Electric Cars will hit the road. The vehicles expected to cost is approximately US$9,450, for a two-seater LSEV will have a total speed of 70 kilometers per hour and a range of 150km.

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