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Survey Shows Dog Owners Smooch Pets More Than Their Human Partners

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Who is the first to greet you when you arrive home, your fur-baby right? Your first reaction is to pick them up or bend down to hug and kiss them.

Most fur-babies want or should I say demand to be hugged, cuddled or petted. They even want to sit on your lap, no matter how big or small they are.

How can any fur-parent not appreciate the unconditional love shown from them every time they see you, especially after a long day at work.

I bet most of you that have children and fur-babies are greeted more warmly by your fur-baby than your child/children 😉

Some people have better relationships and bonds with their fur-babies than with other fellow humans.

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I believe Riley’s Organics did a survey across the United States on how much love and affection is given to pets and how close pet-parents are to their beloved pets.

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No surprise to me that the results showed that humans preferred to give more love and affection to their pets than to humans. According to the survey some people would much rather share their bed with their pets than their partners given a choice 😉

Personally, from my experience, I think a lot of people share their bed with both their partner and their fur-babies.

I don’t need a survey to tell me the facts. You can make your own assessments by watching family and friends around you that have pets and who are pet lovers.

Furthermore, your fur-baby will never repeat your secrets. That is what would make them your best friend as well, right 😉

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