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Substitutes For Lawns Which You Never Have To Mow, Weed Or Water

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Lawns are high maintenance and becoming less popular these days. Most of us don’t like mowing the lawn. It is time-consuming to water and weed it to keep it nice and green.

Here we found an alternative, Red Creeping Thyme, which you don’t have to mow, weed, or water. Which also repels mosquitoes and feeds the bees.

Worldwide, there are mounting water shortages. As grass requires labor and gasoline or electricity for the lawnmower, it makes sense to opt for an alternative.

Thyme is versatile, colorful, and fragrant plants. You can tuck thyme into a drywall, rock garden, or stone walkway. Use it as a ground cover instead of lawn or even as an edging for a perennial border. They can add swaths of color and fragrance in unexpected places.

Like Clover, Red Thyme is fast-growing and can take over your whole lawn like a carpet. It never grows more than about 3 or 4 inches tall and is soft like Clover but also firm enough to walk on without dying. It is not edible.

With its pleasant lemony scent, it repels mosquitoes and attracts pollinators. It is drought tolerant, yet it should be watered in the beginning stages and only in arid climates.

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It shouldn’t need fertilizer. It has deep-centered roots and is fast growing.

The no-maintenance cover crop creates a thick mat with long-lasting perennial flowers that will paint your lawn a pretty shade of pink.

Usually, creeping thyme takes about a year to get established. All creeping thymes spread by sending stems along the ground’s surface to grow leaves and roots periodically.

Begin seeds indoors, or you could sow them in the spring after the danger of frost has passed. Plant them roughly 8 to 12 inches (20-30 cm.) apart and watch your thyme bloom in a long-lasting profusion of lavender-hued flowers.

Another alternative is Clover, which also does not need to be mowed, fertilized, or weeding, and it’s softer than grass.

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Would you like your garden to be more sustainable and wildlife-friendly?

Clover can be mixed in with your current grass or completely alone. It is softer than grass and improves the soil, attracts butterflies, bees, and other beneficial bugs to your garden. Clove is a natural lawn fertilizer, as it adds nitrogen to the earth, which benefits surrounding grass plants.

A new species of white Clover called micro clovers is tinier for someone who doesn’t want many flowers and has softer stems for sitting and walking.

With its deep roots, Clover will remain green through a drought. It doesn’t need mowing, yet if you decide to mow, you’ll only need to do so 3 or 4 times a year. Clover can grow in and loosen compacted soil, eliminating the need to aerate. Clover also tends to discourage pesky insects and grows well in both sun and partial shade.

Did you find this article helpful? Share this with your family and friends; maybe they would like to plant eco-friendly lawns for fewer maintenance hassles.

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