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12 Stunning Photos Of Iridescent Clouds, A Phenomenon Occurring In Our Atmosphere

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Iridescent clouds are known by many as Rainbow clouds or Fire rainbows. They can be described as Mother nature’s masterpiece, with a multicolor display of beauty and light they line the clouds, making the sky looks like an angelic mural you expect to see on the ceiling of the Teatro Olimpico, Vicenza.

Iridescent clouds – although called a cloud is not a cloud at all, also known as ‘fire rainbows’ or rainbow clouds.’

It is a phenomenon that occurs when sunlight diffracts off the condensed tiny water droplets or ice particles in the atmosphere, causing a ray of light that the eye can see. The colors tend to be pastel more than bright colors so that you will see lavender, pink, and mint, rather than green, indigo, and red.

ID 97391765 © Tom Pilgrim |

This infrequent occurrence commonly appears in cirrocumulus, cirrus, lenticular, and altocumulus clouds. They are more than likely to take place in the late afternoon, on scorching and humid days, and usually after thunderstorms.

Iridescence gets produced near the sun; that way, the sun glare makes the occurrence more visible to the naked eye. What makes this occurrence a phenomenon is that cloud must be optically thin so that most of the rays encounter only a single droplet or ice particle their cumulative effect is seen as the multicolor display of beauty know as the Iridescent clouds

Sky viewers have reported cloud iridescence all over the world. According to atmospheric phenomena expert Les Cowley, most of them are from Southeast Asia, equatorial Africa, and Florida.

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Have you been lucky enough to observe a Rainbow Cloud?

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