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Stunning Drive-Way Artwork With a Power Washer Woman Received For Her Birthday

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A North Carolina resident named Dianna Wood received a birthday gift she has had her eyes on for years, a power washer. That was all she needed to create beautiful masterpieces, even though she wasn’t a trained artist. 

After getting the power washer, she was inspired to do more than clean fences and bricks. Dianna thought of being more innovative. 

Could this be the new trend as you can even buy stencils online to power hose patterns? 

One day when she was cleaning her driveway, she realized that it was a tiring task that required so much time. So she decided to transform this task into an art project. Dianna started inscribing words. Since the results were compelling, she then moved on to create more complicated patterns of flowers, owls, birds, and butterflies. 

Dianna starts by using the power washer to clean the images. She then uses the power washer wand as a giant spray can. By raising and lowering the point of the wand, she was able to achieve various gradations. The water pressure cleans away the dirt stuck deep down inside the cement and leaves a stunning image in its place. 

Within a short period of time, her driveway creations went viral. Even though her aim was not to get peoples’ attention, she is glad that this has given her the opportunity to get to know new people through her artwork. 

The detailing in her creations is very intricate and mesmerizing. With time she perfected her techniques using nothing else but dirty driveways and a power washer. She doesn’t even use stencils to create her art.

You, too, can create driveway art at home if you have dirty concrete, driveway art stencils, and a pressure washer. Many driveway art stencils are available online, such as the cobblestone stencil, mandala stencil, and hopscotch stencil.

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Although Dianna is not a professional artist, she has followed art her entire life through different hobbies. She now works on creating unique designs on dirty driveways using her birthday present. These creations are out of this world. 

Although Dianna decided to take a break from her power washer, inspiration directs her back to it. Her neighbors even let her use their driveways to practice. 

Isn’t it such a great idea to use cleaning to create art? 

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